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Photo Friday #45

My parents drove up from NJ last weekend and we had a really nice visit with them. They were able to watch Connor play soccer.  When we got home my dad played hockey (with stick horses and a matchbox car), wiffle ball, football and even raked.  You’d think Connor would be ready for a break after all that that boy still had energy left!SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

After sports I made sure we got a few more pictures with our beautiful pile of leaves!SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

We also participated in a missions conference at Fairlawn CRC.  They had a nice dinner Saturday night to thank the church for their support of missions and then Josh and I were able to show pictures and share about our life and ministry in PNG.  Sunday morning Josh preached a sermon on “Models for Missions”.   I didn’t get a good picture of it, but it was so nice to see the PNG flag hanging Sunday morning while Josh preached!blog

The kids have been wanting to make cookies.  I’ve been torn between feeling too tired to do much of anything and wanting to do a lot and create special memories before baby #3 joins us.  This day I got the energy to make sugar cookie dough and the kids enjoyed shaping, decorating and of course eating cookies!

Cookie MakingConnor Cookie Connor Cookie

Makenna enjoyed painting the boys’ faces for the Eagles game on Sunday and Connor was happy to match daddy now that he was given an Eagles jersey too!

Go Eagles

I’m thankful Baby K has cooperated and stayed put while Josh has been in Texas this week.  We’re excited for Josh to return home tonight!

Photo Friday #44

We really have been blessed by the community here in Massachusetts!  Some friends had a little baby shower for me last weekend.  It’s fun that Makenna is 8 years old this time around as she was very excited to participate in a baby shower.  Do you see the chocolate strawberries on the counter?  I think she ate almost all of them!  She also really enjoyed helping me open the gifts and seeing all the cute things for the baby.  I think we’re ready for the baby to come, but would prefer she waits until at least November 1 to give Josh a chance to return from the business trip he’s going on to Texas next week.  I’m due November 15 so just about 3 weeks to go!

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCMakenna recently finished an after-school art class and came home with all of these pieces she made.   The kids are really enjoying all of the extra curricular activities available to them here!

SONY DSCI already said how much I love fall.  This was the view driving down our street this week.  Love it!

Leaves on StreetJosh and I both helped with Whitinsville Christian School’s annual apple pie fundraiser.  I had a sit down job of checking off pies that were ordered, but Josh was in the gym with the excitement of helping to make almost 6,000 apple pies!  We enjoyed eating one tonight and it was delicious!

Boxes assembled and ready to be filled with pies

Boxes assembled and ready to be filled with pies

Gym set up and ready for pie makers to arrive

Gym set up and ready for pie makers to arrive

Pie makers in action

Pie makers in action


Photo Friday- Fall

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks soaking up the beauty of fall in Massachusetts.  Fall is my favourite season and the leaves have been so colorful here this year!  I’m in awe of the colours God painted in nature!  It’s been many years since I’ve seen a fall this beautiful.  Last time we lived here for one year it wasn’t nearly as vibrant.  Josh argues I’ve never seen one this beautiful thinking it couldn’t be as pretty in NJ.  The kids certainly haven’t seen a fall like this and we’ve all been enjoying it.SONY DSC SONY DSC Leaves

We raked some leaves, but I know more raking is in our future.

rakingLeave Pile

We went apple picking.  Unfortunately we picked the one orchard that had a bad season and ended up only getting “drops” (apples on the ground).  It was still a beautiful day and the kids love any time they can get with their cousins.  I managed to turn the drops into a pretty yummy apple pie and apple crisp too.

cousinscousins swingfamilykidstractorStowe SignApple Drops

The kids also painted.  Last time we lived in MA we didn’t have any decorations for our home as they were all in storage .  I had the kids paint white canvases to make our apartment a little more homey.  I decided to have them paint another one for this apartment and they both had a lot of fun doing it.  Art is their favourite special at school.


Photo Friday #42

We had fun at Whitinsville Christian School’s first Homecoming last Saturday.  The kids enjoyed all of the games that were set up to play.  It felt like summer here that day!SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

This is how the kids waited in line for one of the games.  Makenna was hanging on her cousin for a while before I took this picture.  Maybe that explains his expression!  SONY DSC

Friends we made in PNG visited us this week!  SONY DSCThis is how Connor and Bella sat as they watched a movie.SONY DSC

The past few days have not felt like summer, but we’ve enjoyed driving around seeing all the beautiful fall foliage!

Photo Friday: Seafood

This was a slow photo week in MA so I’ve decided to share photos from our  5-week stay in a PNG village back in the beginning of 2013.  We were so happy to have an ocean allocation, especially Connor!ocean25We lived there in a traditional PNG-style house with no running water or electricity.  Connor didn’t love a lot about our village living, but what he did love was being so close to the water!  We could hear the ocean crashing as we fell asleep at night and we could eat seafood.

Many people have asked the kids what they liked to eat in PNG and Connor proudly says “fish eye ball”.  It’s true!  Our boy who has to be talked into eating any meat that’s not plain chicken, a hot dog or burger actually ate many fish eye balls during our village living!  I don’t have photos of him eating eye balls, but in addition to fish eye ball he was willing to try almost anything that came out of the ocean.  Since then he hasn’t been as excited about seafood so it must have had something to do with while in the village eat like the villagers.ocean34 ocean24 ocean21Makenna was very adventurous during these 5 weeks too!  She ate octopus that was given to her for her 7th birthday!  Although I also ate it, I let my kind lady friend help pound it with large rocks to tenderise it.  ocean33Although Makenna did not eat the snail below (even though the kids gave it to her to eat), both kids tried crab.  I called it soft shelled crab but Josh said it was just a small crab that they told us to eat with the shell on and it was definitely crunchy.ocean31 ocean15

Many people from the village spent time each day fishing.  They are blessed to have the protein of the sea.  For those that live further from the ocean, protein is much harder to find and much more infrequent in their diets.

Hiking in PNG

I’m in the process of going through our photographs from PNG and organizing them. Since Internet was so costly in PNG, I know there are many photos we never shared. So, as I’m reminiscing I’m going to share more photos.  I’ll start with photos from the weekly hikes we took during the Pacific Orientation Course (POC).   As I sit here almost 33 weeks pregnant and walking around the grocery store is usually the most exercise I’m getting, it’s funny to think of the strenuous hikes through the bush of PNG!

Our first hike was a “community hike” where we hiked with our school-aged children. Connor said he was sad to stay back in the nursery but there is no way he would’ve wanted to move his little legs as much as we did. Makenna was a real trooper and in the weeks following that hike she took weekly hikes with the other kids.blog2 blog3 blog6

We hiked through dense foliage.

hike hike3 hike4 hike8 hike11 hike14 hike16

We hiked through water.hike17hike6

We hiked through mud (my least favourite hikes!).Muddy Shoes

We went on a 3-day hike and carried all we needed on our backs.3DayHikeSarah3DayHikeJosh

Our hikes were a highlight for us at POC!  It was nice to get out of the classroom and explore the beauty God created in PNG.  It was also fun to start feeling more in shape and notice we weren’t breathing as heavy on subsequent hikes as the weeks progressed!

Photo Friday #40

Our weeks have started to fill up with seemingly normal American activities:  soccer, class trips, choosing which grocery store to go too (what a luxury!), etc.  Josh is coaching Connor’s soccer team and we’re at the soccer field twice a week. These are some of Connor’s favorite days!  It combines two of his biggest loves:  Daddy and Soccer!

Josh & ConnorKickSoccer Pose

There was a Jamboree Saturday to kick off the fall soccer season.  Connor ran in the “fun run”, but chose to run without his shoes.  I blame that on his time in PNG.  Shoes are optional most places and most kids even at the high school level run track barefoot.Run Soccer Metal

Makenna has something called “Creative Design” in her class at school. She gets the choice of various activities like sewing, legos, arts and crafts and origami. Here’s a photo of her working on sewing a sock puppet next to her cousin.CreativeDesign

Makenna is learning about the events leading up to American Independence in school. She had fun during a class trip to the Boston Tea Party Museum this week.blogblog2

I’m 31 weeks pregnant. 9 weeks to go!

31 Weeks


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