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Photo Friday

Although it’s officially spring, it doesn’t exactly look like it in MA.  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but it’s starting to warm up and we were excited to see rain for a change yesterday.

blogI thought Connor was due for a hair cut.  He prefers it longer, but doesn’t he look handsome!  He had it long for a while in PNG until we started struggling with lice and I thought a buzz cut was the way to go.  He had been growing it the whole time we’ve been back in the US.

blog3Reagan loves to suck on her fingers.
blog5We decided to make tortillas for dinner this week instead of buying them.  Although the kids couldn’t get them quite as round and thin as Mama Rita in PNG, they were yummy.blog4It might sound crazy, but I’ve started packing bags for PNG.  When I find something we’re not currently using that I know we want to have in PNG, it goes in the bag.  We found out that Reagan’s visa paperwork was sent off to Port Moresby and hope it’ll be submitted to the Immigration office soon.  Would you pray with us that we get her visa quickly so that we can book our flights to return to PNG?blog2

Photo Friday- Part 2

We went to the Museum of Natural History today and I felt like I had enough photos to write another post to show you all the things we saw in the museum that we also see in PNG!

There was an orchid exhibit.  Did you know that we have lots of beautiful orchids like these in PNG?  We had several kinds in our yard when we were there.blog5 blog4 blog3 blog2 blogTree kangaroos.blog6blog7Sugar gliderblog9 blog8A centipede.  We saw some creatures like this while in our Pacific Orientation Course.blog12We have some shells like this from living in a village in Madang for 5 weeks.

blog13We had huge fruit bats that used to fly around our yard at night eating our loquats.

blog10And lastly, clown fish and coral reef.  We loved snorkelling in Madang!blogblog11

Photo Friday- Spring Break

This week was officially spring break for Makenna and Connor.  We were in Charlotte the beginning of the week and were happy to spend time with Josh’s brother and his family.

blog2 blogblog7Reagan has started doing this!


She also started rolling over from her back to

A sweet neighbour told Makenna she could pick flowers and even helped her plant some more.


It hasn’t been all fun and games as we’ve had to do the school work the kids missed since we pulled them out of school last week.  Makenna has been working on a story and typed up her final draft.


 We left the beautiful flowers in Charlotte and drove to Washington, DC Thursday to visit my brother.  It doesn’t exactly feel like spring here, and it snowed today!


Reagan turned 4 months old Thursday and visited her first zoo.  Since it was chilly (and we got there too late to see indoor exhibits) we didn’t see much, but we enjoyed seeing some creatures like the sea lions.

blog5 blog4 blog3

We checked out some museums today.blog2blog3

Matt took us to the circus tonight and the kids believe it really is the Greatest Show on Earth!blog4

Photo Friday- Charlotte

I didn’t post anything the last few weeks.  During that time Josh arrived safely home from PNG.  He was welcomed with a few more inches of snow.  Fortunately, he knew we were driving to Charlotte a few days later.  We drove down to attend a missions conference at our sending church, Sovereign Grace, and are staying almost 2 weeks since spring break is next week.  And boy does it feel like spring here!

It was a long drive, but everyone did well and we made it to Charlotte just in time for a women’s brunch where I spoke for a few minutes about our life in PNG.

The missions conference was well attended and so encouraging.   Their Faith Promise goal was surpassed for another year!blog3

While in Charlotte, we’re soaking in spring! It’s been warmer than we expected it to be and even got into the 80’s one day!  Flowers are blooming and snow is nowhere in sight.blogblog4blogblogWe made a visit to an Urgent Care center for an ear infection.


Reagan and I are happy that we could attend a Sovereign Grace women’s retreat this weekend.IMG_3680

Photo Friday

Josh is still in PNG.  He didn’t send me any photos.  Maybe he didn’t want to rub it in how warm and green it is there!

It warmed up a little (above freezing!) last Sunday so the kids actually stayed outside and played for a couple hours!  I even got outside and joined them for a snowball fight.  Not sure it was totally fair since it was 2 against 1 and they had been collecting snowballs while they waited for me to put the baby to bed.


I had to take Makenna to the doctor (she’s fine).  A sweet friend offered to take Connor and Reagan so Makenna and I actually had some alone time.  The doctor is no fun so we fit in a quick dinner at Dairy Queen because she loves ice cream as much as I do!blog1Reagan has been using her hands to grab anything and everything.

blog3Reagan has been given many cute coats and snowsuits to keep her warm this winter!  Ever since I posted that she slept through the night she’s decided she’d rather wake up a few times every night.blog2These 3 cuties miss their daddy and can’t wait until he returns on Tuesday!

blog4Makenna had a field trip to a Discovery Museum.  One of the things we miss when we’re in PNG is the ability to go out and about to places like museums so it’s fun that Makenna has been able to go on so many field trips.


Maybe because it’s too cold to go outside, but I actually felt like baking this week so I made some bagels and some molasses oat bread.  I didn’t think it would happen in America, but my jar of yeast is almost

Photo Friday- 3 Months!

The most exciting news to me this week is that Reagan slept through the night!  She slept 10 hours a few times this week.  She also turned 3 months old yesterday!  She is “talking” and smiling all the time.  She’s also getting so big. Connor was holding her and commented that she’s getting to big for him to hold.
blogJosh just arrived in PNG last night.  He went with 2 bags loaded with items to leave behind for us and he’ll return with a much lighter load.  Or maybe not.  He’ll probably end up taking a bunch of stamped mail back for people in Ukarumpa.  It’s much more expensive to send a letter from PNG and it usually takes 2-5 weeks to arrive in the U.S. so people are always looking for others traveling to the U.S. to carry mail.  Now that we know this, we’re going to bring a lot of forever stamps with us when we

When I drove the kids to school this morning this is what the temperature was!  Meanwhile the forecast in Aiyura, PNG is 73-77 degrees all week during the day and 55-59 degrees at night.

The kids have been reading a lot for the Read-a-thon that’s going on at school.  The theme is the Boston Marathan and they get footprints on this wall for a certain amount of books/pages read.

blogWe’ve been to basketball games three nights in a row this week so Makenna could cheer for them.  Last night was the last night of the season.  Makenna had so much fun she wants us to create a cheerleading squad in Ukarumpa.  Um, I was never a cheerleader but it’s an interesting idea.  Everyone in Ukarumpa brings their talents in all sorts of ways.  When we got there I was surprised that someone offered dance classes, people offer different musical lessons, there is a Pony Club and various sports are offered for older kids.  Our kids might not be able to do exactly what they did here, but I’m sure they’ll find something else they enjoy.  Makenna did start playing the violin this year since we know there should be someone in Ukarumpa who can teach

Photo Friday- Sunday Edition

Josh leaves for a 2 week visit to PNG on Tuesday.  One might think he’s just trying to escape all this snow!  I didn’t write a blog earlier because I’ve been busy going through things I want him to take and leave there for when we all return in June.  I’ve been going through all the clothing I stored from Makenna and I’m sending him with clothes up to size 2.  Reagan turns 3 months this week so it’s kind of hard to look at clothes this big and imagine her fitting in them!blogJosh preached at one of our supporting churches last Sunday.

blog6Church was cancelled today because we got another 8 or so inches of snow.  This is what it looked like when I opened our door this morning.

blog11We live in the the right portion of the house below.

blog4It will be fun to show our friends in PNG all our photos of snow and explain what a snow blower is.

blog5blog7We borrowed snow tubes which has made the snow a little bit more fun.

blog4blogblog2Look how much snow is piled up in the parking lot of our grocery store!  Wondering how long it’s going to take to melt.

blog9The kids’ 100th day of school was Tuesday.  Makenna’s class had a competition to see who could build the highest tower with 100 legos, cups, etc.  She really loves her class and teacher!

blog10Our kids always get sick when fun things are happening.  This time Connor had a stomach thing Thursday night so he had to stay home and miss his Valentine’s Day party at school.  We started running out of bedding so he slept on this mattress in the bathroom at night and then I moved it into the kitchen when he woke up until I knew he was well.  Maybe it was just something he ate as he recovered quickly.  That’s our dishwasher behind his head.  Oh how thankful I am to have a dishwasher on furlough!!!

blog2Valentine’s Day breakfast.  Makenna’s face isn’t dirty.  They exchanged Valentines in her class Friday and someone gave her a moustache tattoo.  I don’t have a good photo, but Josh and I even had an impromptu date on Valentine’s day.  The sweet couple that we rent from offered to watch our kids so we could go out.  It snowed all afternoon so it was a good thing that we had already planned on cooking at home.  We sent the kids next door and enjoyed a nice quiet meal together.  Nice to have some alone time now as we don’t get a lot of that when we’re in PNG.

blogOur 12 week old cutie wearing a onesie a friend in PNG decorate for her.



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