Photo Friday- I’m Back!

I’m starting up Photo Fridays again!

I’ll start back up with these 3 cuties from Gumawana.


Eleven books of the New Testament are still in need of testing in the community, editing and checking by a consultant. They hope to finish publishing the New Testatment in their language in 2020.

Here’s an example of the Gumawana’s language.

Philippians 1:6

Aitonina guna kauyaguyana unana ame ayagoidoko:

Bego Yaubada ina guinuwa dedevina boi ivatowo yaimi

go, moe nakae be iguuinuwe ana kadokana guinuwayana ana kalaituwana isowoduwo yaimi

tutayana Yeisu Guyau ina tuta ima.




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