Photo Friday- Winter is Here

So this week has been extremely cold! The kids actually weren’t allowed to go outside for recess today because with the windchill is was in the double digit negative numbers!  If there’s snow on the ground the kids have to go to school with snow pants and boots on in order to be allowed to play on the field and playground.  Consequently, it’s been taking us a little longer to get ready each morning and now we have a drying rack by the back door for all the snow gear.img_8558-2

Connor and Josh made our first snow man of the season, sort of.  They called it “the lazy snowman”.img_7969Reagan kind of likes the snow, unless it gets on her mittens.  Then, she say’s “messy” and wants the mittens off.  She eats like this as well.  In the middle of eating we often wipe her hands and then she resumes eating and geting dirty.  It’s going to be a long winter for her!SnowWe have been thankful for good health!  Neither of the big kids have missed school for sickness yet!  Makenna just missed a few hours this week so I could take her to a hematologist to consult about a G6PD deficiency she was diagnosed with before we left for PNG the first time.  We were given a pretty long list of things she should avoid, some stranger than others.  The hardest thing to avoid has been lugumes.  She wasn’t totally deficient so we’ve been allowing her small quantiies.  Well, he decided to retest her blood since we don’t have the right background for having this diagnosis.  We got the call today that the first test was an error and there is no G6PD defiency!  I think I’ll have to make chili this weekend! And maybe peanut butter sandwiches too!  This is a big relief that we can stop watching what she eats.img_0962

Reagan has been sick this week with a fever and congestion, and hasn’t wanted to leave my or Josh’s side.  Today she insisted on sitting wrapped in a blanket next to me while I put on makeup.There’s been a lot of sickness at school so we’re praying the rest of us stay well for Christmas!  We’re looking forward to having my parents and brother for Christmas this year!img_2354

These last pictures are from the Huon Gulf Project which includes 7 language groups in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. They frequently meet for workshops to work on their translation work in teams. The next workshop is planned for January.  Their mentor and project manager is in the USA and will check in with the teams and have them send their work over the internet.  Would you pray the translation team has good internet and Digicel reception during this time and that the workshops are productive.

yamap-team-at-workshopnew-team-from-buang laugui-kala-team-at-workshop kapin-transaltor-yandabing-enjoys-learning-greek



2 thoughts on “Photo Friday- Winter is Here

  1. I love seeing these photos of the children and knowing about your work Josh! Thank you for sending them and God bless you. We definitely miss seeing your family and your parents!😡

    It was freezing here for us today, but, freezing for me now is 45 degrees!!!!! I am headed to take a bath after working our Holiday Light program at the botanical gardens. We had almost 3,000 people this evening and it was just non-stop at the cash/credit table. Do you think front page advertising with three photos had anything to do with the crowds?
    Time for a hot bath with Epsom salts!
    Merry Christmas to all of you. So glad Linda will share it with you.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Sandy and Stan

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