Photo Friday-ish

Well, it’s Saturday but better late than never!

Last weekend we drove to NJ to speak at my parent’s church about the work we continue to do in PNG.  Josh was given the whole service to speak she he also preached a sermon.  We were welcomed graciously and met so many wonderful people! 

While in NJ we were able to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday with him!  My mom threw him a party so we were able to see other family and friends too.  Since Josh is usually preaching in MA on Sundays we haven’t made many trips to NJ so this was really a sweet time.We got to see my grandmother who just turned 90 last month and is still going strong!  She is quite a special lady!Our kids were delighted to met my parents new cat!  We had our own cat in PNG, and they talk about missing Lily from time to time.  Since it would have to be an indoor cat in MA we don’t plan on getting another one so they’ll just have to visit Grammy’s cat!Yesterday was Connor’s 8th birthday!  His asthma has flared up so we weren’t sure if we’d have to cancel all celebrations, but he’s hanging in.  He seems to have cold weather asthma which isn’t so great for living here. We never noticed any asthma problems in PNG.img_1839Our little baker, Makenna, asked if she could make his cupcakes.  She’s been really wanting to try to swirl different colors of frosting together so this was her chance.

We also had a basketball game to go to last night.  Makenna was cheering for the game.  Our school doesn’t really have cheerleading, but for the month of January girls in grade 3-5 can cheer for several basketball games.  Makenna is so happy to be able to do it again this year!  Connor was happy to go to the game on his birthday and sit with his friends on the stage. 


One thought on “Photo Friday-ish

  1. So nice to see you last night Sarah! Happy Birthday to Connor! Your little girl is growing up so fast I could hardly believe it😊 Glad to know all is well with your family. Ed turned 75 last Sat. So your Dad and he almost have the same birthdate! We celebrated in Boston in a snowstorm! Your Dad looks good! Blessings to your family in 2017 !

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