Photo Friday- Bwaidoka

I didn’t take many pictures this week.  We’ve all been fighting some kind of illness.  We found out Connor had a sinus infection on top of his asthma flaring up.  We’re all coughing, sneezing and blowing our noses and I had to pick up Makenna early from school yesterday because she didn’t feel well.  She had a fever all day and night so she stayed home again today and is disappointed she wasn’t able to cheer at the basketball game tonight.

With us all feeling sick we’ve been laying low.  The kids asked to play Uno one night and Reagan joined in.  Now she’s asked 2 more times to play with me.  I just had to take a pictures of this because not only was she being so cute playing cards but she also voluntarily put a fruit into her mouth!  I know it’s only dried mango which has sugar in it, but she won’t eat any fruit unless it’s hidden in something like a smoothie so this is progress!  And, being a mango lover, I’m pretty happy she’s starting with mango!


This is a photo of men from the Bwaidoka New Testament project.steven-kailo-2nd-from-left-back8

Here is a testimony from Steven Kailovagi who is the 2nd in the back row.

Since I was at school I’ve found difficulties in financial matters.  My father and mother are simple subsistence farmers, but when I was selected to high school to do my grade 9 and 10, I’ve experienced the same problem with school fees.  I didn’t have any way to find money to pay my school fee, and that day the School Principal called our names that we have big amount of outstanding so that we will be sent home to look for money.  But at that very moment the accountant, or bursar, called me to the office and told me that my outstanding school fee was paid off.  I was surprised and also confused, so I called my aunt at Port Moresby to confirm, and she told me that she didn’t know.  And so I sent a word to my parents to confirm, but they also didn’t know.  So my father was thinking very hard, and he realized that this help was from God.  So at that time I experienced God’s love and care upon me.  When I was chosen to come for consulting checking at Ukarumpa, I felt that it was a call from God and a good opportunity for me to learn something, and it helped my life. I, Steven Kailovagi would like to thank the Seed Company for your great support and help to the Bwaidoka language.  We are looking forward to receiving our own Bible. Thank you.

Would you be praying for the Bwaidoka language group.  They are down to 2 translators working on the project.  After completing the New Testament the Bwaidoka people would like to translate the Old Testament as well. The decision has been made to train some new translators so they will be sending 3 Bwaidoka men to a Translation Training Course in Ukarumpa this spring.





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