Photo Friday- Changed Plans

Josh was supposed to be at meetings in Soloman Islands this week.  Because of weather delays he missed his connecting flight to Fiji.  Instead, he got to stay home and shovel snow!  I hate winter and was dreading snow while he was gone so it was nice that he was here to shovel it and we always prefer having him home with us!  However,  he was very disappointed to miss the meetings (and be warm for a week). img_7450Connor & Reagan enjoyed playing in the snow a little before school.  We really can’t complain as it’s been a pretty mild winter so far and we haven’t had much snow.img_7447Today, our kids celebrated 100 days of school!  We are so thankful they love their school and teachers!img_1862Reagan and I went to story time at the library and she was the bravest she’s been and got off my lap to sit up near the librarian!img_7471We got a status report from our newest project, the Ailan Cluster, this week and received pictures of the group working. The completed chapters of Luke 1-3 in both audio format and in the form of an illustrated book were available just in time for Christmas for 3 communities in the cluster. It is bringing people together in the support of Bible translation, discussion of their language, and a desire to keep moving forward with translation efforts.  While translating the Christmas story (Luke), translaters were asked by their mentor to read through the chapters before consultant checking.  The 3 translators were so moved that they got choked up with tears in their eyes and shared that it touched them deeply in their heart language.  They were especially moved by the part about laying baby Jesus in the animal feeding container.

kol-checking1 donation-from-kol-community1 class-room1

Would you pray for this cluster project.  Travel is always a challenge for translators that are spread across several provinces and islands.  They have to catch boats and sometimes transport is cancelled at the last minute.  Please pray they can all arrive on time for the next module in April.


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