Photo Friday- Winter Happened

Just after I said we’ve had a mild winter, we had 2 weeks of a New England winter!  We had 2 snow days and a delayed opening!  I am usually the one that would drag us all out (or push the kids out) to play in the snow.  This time, no one wanted to go out.  Makenna said we should “chilax” and I agreed we needed some of that!  I figure we’ll probably have another snow storm since we’re planning on living here a while!

We got out for a little bit last week, because someone had to clear the driveway (thanks Josh!) and we had to check out how much snow we got.  Mostly, though we just played games, built lego projects and had fun inside.img_8106 img_8081

One of the snow days was the day before Valentine’s Day so we baked and painted cookies…img_8133And made Valentines’ decorations and gifts.img_2020Finally, this week we used a half day that was pretty warm for winter and got out to make a snowman and forts and have a snowball fight. Even Reagan enjoyed being outside.  It was warm enough that it wasn’t terrible that she took her mittens off every time snow got on them.  I think it’s going to take us some time to get used to New England winters and not miss the beautiful PNG weather so much!img_8175 img_8179 fullsizerender1img_8186

Recently, one of the languages in the Misima Cluster had a celebration to dedicate and launch the printed books, audio players and electronic versions (for smart phones) of Matthew and Ephesians. It was a real time of rejoicing and praise to God. Many copies of the books were sold. The audio players are very popular and people are asking for more!  Would you please pray for the Misima Cluster as they begin a new 3-year phase of translation and add a language group!

saisai-books-and-players-being-carried-to-dedication-platform 4-translators-with-books-to-carrydownloading-saisai-files-onto-mobile-phones


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