Photo Friday- Spring?

This hasn’t been a fabulous week for us.  With Josh working for Seed Company all week and then preparing sermons on Saturdays, our family fun time has been minimal.  Plus, we haven’t gone out very much during these winter months and I think at least a few of us have been suffering from spring fever, seasonal depression or are just sick of being home. We were excited about the long holiday weekend and decided to carve out some time to go to a Children’s Museum.  We had been to one in TN on a road trip years ago and they still talk about how much fun that was.  Unfortunately, Connor came down with a virus and had a bad headache and fever the whole weekend.  Instead of a trip to the museum Connor went to the doctor Monday and missed school Tuesday.  Reagan had a milder version of the virus and Josh has felt kind of sick all week too.  It feels like at least one of us has been sick since Christmas and we can’t wait for everyone to stay healthy.  Instead of the museum the girls and I did a little end of season shopping and brought back the biggest gummy bears we’ve ever seen for Connor.


Potty talk is generally prohibited in our house, but we’ve had a lot of potty talk the last few weeks. Most of it, from Josh and I!  We decided to start potty training Reagan and it’s hasn’t gone as well as I hoped.  So, we’ve had quite a few messes to clean up.  Then, just as our church service was coming to a close Sunday morning water started pouring through the ceiling in our basement and the bathroom upstairs had about an inch of water in it from the toilet.  Ugh.  Just the sight of the water pouring was overwhelming for me in the moment so I’m thankful many helpful hands jumped in and grabbed bins to collect the water.  We had a shop vac so Josh was able to vacuum up the water in the bathroom up.  Still, we were left with quite a mess.  Piles of wet towels, dirty floors and a crumbling ceiling.  Sigh.  I spent this week cleaning it up and just finished shampooing the carpets today.  On the bright side, our carpet is clean! We are very happy and feel blessed we have a house to have church services in, but for many reasons we’d love to move to another location soon.  We’ve been searching and hope to find one we can afford before too long.Shampoo FloorThere was something to lift our spirits though…. 60 and 70 degree days!  Wasn’t it just last week that I wrote about snow storms!  Although I would’ve rather been outside all day playing with Reagan instead of cleaning, we’re so thankful we could open our windows to air out the house and help the floors dry!  We found some time to go out and soak in some vitamin D and wow did it feel good.  What an amazing gift from God this week.  We needed sunshine this week for many reasons and have loved it!  I made sure I was done in time to take the kids to a playground after school today.  It’s only February so we know winter probably isn’t done here, but we are so very thankful for this taste of spring this week! IMG_8339// Riding

Lastly, I’d like to share a couple pictures from the Waima Cluster. They just finished a 3-year project with Seed Company.  The project managers will return to their home country to take care of family so the translators will be on their own for a year.  Would you pray that they can make good use of the time without their project managers helping them.Gabadi-consultant checking-03// checking-01//

Ecclesiastes 3:3 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven


One thought on “Photo Friday- Spring?

  1. So sorry you have been having a hard time since Christmas! You it is not fun with a family of five getting sick. It takes so long to go through the whole family! Pray this week is better! Today was 71- awesome day! On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 8:49 PM Kitchen Family Adventure wrote:

    > kitchenfamily posted: “This hasn’t been a fabulous week for us. With Josh > working for Seed Company all week and then preparing sermons on Saturdays, > our family fun time has been minimal. Plus, we haven’t gone out very much > during these winter months and I think at least a few” >

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