Photo Friday- Winter Again

This winter has been crazy!  Just last week, Reagan and I checked out a new playground.  I remember when our big kids would go to the playground and “cook” with the mulch so it was fun to see Reagan enjoying the same thing!


Today was the kids’ last day of school before spring break and we woke up to snow.  It just finally stopped snowing a little while ago!  I really only like the snow because it’s fun for the kids to play in it, but even they are over it.  We are at least encouraged that the official end to winter is later this month!  And, the snow is already falling off the trees!

We traveled to Long Island 2 weeks ago to preach at a friend’s church so he could enjoy a much deserved break to visit family.  It was kind of a long drive for just one night so we left the big kids with family here and just took Reagan with us.  She did such an amazing job on the way there!  She also did a really good job sitting through some of the 2 services and in the nursery.  We then visited with the congregation during a fellowship hour.  A smaller group kindly took us out to lunch where we could talk more about our ministry and time in PNG.  Reagan had just fallen asleep on Josh’s lap as we were about to leave the restaurant.  Sadly, she woke up when we put her in the car.She cried almost the whole way home.  This shows a litlte bit of her distress.  She finally fell back asleep about 30 minutes before we arrived home.

Last weekend Josh attended a missions conference at our sending church, Sovereign Grace PCA in Charlotte, NC where he was able to give an update on our ministry in PNG and meet some of the new members of this growing church.  I forgot to remind him to take pictures until it was too late.  While he was away, Makenna performed in a strings concert and did a wonderful job!  I love seeing her use the talents God has given her.

The Project Manager for our Gumawana translation project is in PNG now working with a team to do consultant checking.  They hope to complete 2 Corinthians this week.  However, there have been some challenges with some of the checking so they could use your prayers.  Would you please pray for Robat and Patimo (pictured below) and the others involved in this work.



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