About Us

DSC_6495We are the Kitchens, Josh, Sarah, Makenna, Connor and Reagan.  Several years ago, we decided to leave the business world in New Jersey that we knew, and sort of loved, and headed south to Charlotte, NC to go to seminary.  We felt called to go into ministry, but weren’t sure exactly which ministry.

Living in Charlotte was a great experience, with many challenges and blessings that we hope have helped us to grow.  It was also at this time that we began to explore the idea of a future in missions.  We took a tour of JAARS in Waxhaw, NC and felt we were being called to bible translation.

Since leaving New Jersey, we have lived in Charlotte, NC; Whitinsville, MA and Dallas, TX all in order to prepare for our future in missions.  We are excited to finally be beginning our ministry in Papua New Guinea, helping to bring God’s Word and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost.  If you are as interested in this as we are, keep an eye on our blog to see what we’re up to.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is great. I can keep up to date with what is going on. I am so proud of all of you. We love you and miss you. Lets get together before you move on to the next step.
    All my love,

    PS Riley aske for McKenna. I will have her
    write a note.

  2. I have really enjoyed your blog and so proud of you and the family. Love seeing the pictures of the kids, of course, seeing yours too. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated and keep the pictures coming.
    Love Aunt Pauline

  3. Hi Sarah I am a friend of your moms from Greenpond. I remember you as a kid. We are volunteers with Wycliffe in Lancaster Pa. I hope you meet some of our friends in Papua. I know the Campbells have been out there and there son and family work there too, and the Blanks have also been visiting. You will probably be meeting the Guyers soon since they are on there way for a few months. We will be keeping you in our prayers.

  4. Josh and Sarah,

    Just saw an update on your activities and adventures. What wonderful country and how blessed you are to be there. God certainly is taking care of you all. the children are growing up so fast. We continue to pray for you and your work for the Lord and your lives as you go from day to day trusting in His safety. You are an inspiration to us the way you have adapted to your life there with all the changes from the US. You most likely are being blessed more there than we are here. You have to rely on God completely !! We all have too much !! Love, Ed and Sharon Bakker

  5. Josh and Sarah,

    It took a month for your letter to arrive – what a delight it was to receive! I love your blogs and I’m so, so proud of all of you. My trip home was a smooth one and I’m fairly well back in the groove. A big part of me, though, remains in Ukarumpa. I’m taking a 13 week course called “Perspectives,” a study of Christanity’s history and global reach. Very appropriate and timely. I miss you – you’re doing a super job for the Kingdom. Fondly, Carol Evans

  6. Hi Josh and Sarah,
    Just finished reading your blogs – amazing! You are coping so well!
    We are currently jumping through a few hoops to plan a years posting at Ukarumpa in the school there. Hope to arrive early June. We haven’t done anything like this before so its over to God. We have learned quite a lot from your blog already so keep up the good work!
    Many blessings,
    Gary and Jane Howarth, England

    • Gary and Jane, We’re happy you’ve enjoyed our blog! Please let us know if you have any questions about PNG/Ukarumpa! We know it can get overwhelming deciding what to bring and preparing to come!

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